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Reduce Legionella Risk With Quality Water Treatment

A Water Quality Products article of March 2013 details out the risk of hard water scale and bio film in Cooling Towers as well as other equipment. How these can contribute to the presence of Legionella bacterium and lead to Legionnaires’ disease via th

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What Contaminants are in my Tap Water?

n the early 1900's the addition of chlorine to public drinking water supplies greatly reduced the number of cases of waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. These were causing the early demise of thousands of lives in major cities. So

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Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Breweries

The Warped Wing Brewing Company opened a new production facility in Dayton, Ohio in 2014. Aware of hard water scaling issues in the area (total hardness 175 ppm or 10.2 gpg), they researched various options seeking a cost effective AND environmentally f

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Why am I so Itchy after I Shower?

Rather than just lather up with lotion, it is best to work backwards and discover the source of the skin irritation as it may not simply be dry skin. In fact, the lotions could be doing more harm than good.

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How can I win more Plumbing and Mechanical Business?

Mark Gelfo, PE, LEED AP BD+C of TLC Engineering for Architecture in Jacksonville, FL wrote a great article on developing new business. In it he provides some details to support five basic rules. Inspired by the post, we created the following infographic

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Fluid Dynamics Review And Testimonial: Cooling Towers

Walker Station School was struggling with heavy scaling issues in their HVAC cooling tower /walker-station-ft-bend-map.png chiller system despite the use of scale prevention chemicals. The system was so heavily scaled and corroded that following a system.

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Testimonial: Ari Chose NaturalSof For His Beautiful New Home

Near San Jose in the town of Cupertino we have a customer named Ari who took on the massive project of doing an owner-build of a new home. He was introduced to our line by the Fantastic Rooter Plumbing team when he was looking for a solution to treat his

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Keeping Memorial Day in our Memory - The Chosin Few

On 27 November 1950, the Chinese 9th Army surprised the US X Corps commanded by Major General Edward Almond at the Chosin Reservoir area (real name Chang Jin). A brutal 17-day battle in freezing weather soon followed. In the period between 27 November and

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What Problems does Hard Water Cause?

I like to tell people, “hard water wouldn't be a problem if the rocks wouldn’t fall back out!” However, they do. Several events make this happen: heat, pressure change, pH change. The first of the three listed obviously happens when water is

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Fluid Dynamics Review And Testimonial: Housetron In A New House

Sometimes we miss the mark. When that happens we need to decide what to do about it. When I first met Linda and Charlie all I knew was that our product was not working in the home they had just built in Michigan. They wanted it to, but were faced w

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Who Is Using NaturalSof?

One of the most common questions we get when someone learns about our products is:

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Spotlight: Here’s How Hard It Will Be to Unpoison Flint’s Water

He did a great job summarizing just how toxic the problem is and how long it could be with us. It inspired me to summarize the issue in this infographic

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