Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Commercial Dishwasher


Dishwashers provide a particularly harsh environment for hard water.  One of the main causes that scale forms in hard water areas is the heating of the water.  Since mscalewine.jpgost machines will take 100% hot water and even boost the temperature all the way to 180 degrees F for sanitizing, calcium limescale is a constant struggle.  Even clean dishes and silverware does not "look" clean when covered in scale...YIKES!

Doesn't even matter what color wine is served in a glass that looks like that!  The perception is that the glasses are still dirty and this is particularly frustrating in facilities that promote fine dining or a safe environment for senior care and living, or nutritional lunches for children.


Even though properly maintained a conventional salt based water softener at Fort Bend ISD (Independent School District) had proven to be ineffective at preventing scale. This resulted in scaling throughout the system particularly in the kitchen / cafeteria area. The main Hobart dishwashing equipment had to be opened up and descaled every week taking up staff time and consuming chemicals. Trays and dinnerware showed noticeable signs of scale.

hobart_dish_machine.jpgFort Bend ISD's Dish Machine

The conventional salt based water softener was due for replacement and a $53,000 unit had been proposed. However, Fort Bend’s mechanical contracting firm suggested using a Fluid Dynamics product as an alternative solution.


At less than a tenth of the cost of the proposed conventional salt based softener, a 2” Fluid Dynamics Scaletron unit was specified to prevent scale in the building's water system that included the cafeteria and its dishwashing equipment.

After 70 days the dishwashing equipment was inspected and was found to be spotlessly clean!

The delighted cafeteria supervisor made a point of being present to let us and senior staff members know that the dishwashing equipment, trays and dinnerware had been free of scale for several weeks. She requested “whatever you starting doing…please don’t stop”.




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