Eric Kneller

Marketing Guy

Hometown: North Wales, PA

Certifications: ISM CPM

Hobbies: Reading, Travel, Cooking

Birthday: August 17th

Eric Kneller is a highly motivated, passionate, and ambitious entrepreneur. He went to work early in physically challenging careers in construction companies that took him over 40 feet in the air and 25 feet into the ground. He has a true appreciation for hard work and pushing the limit to get the job done.

After applying his work ethic to his education, Eric entered the corporate arena in 1997 with a degree in computer applications and network administration. He rose to the rank of Associate Director within 7 years and for almost 15 years he worked as a strategic procurement professional in Pharmaceutical companies as large as $20 Billion in annual revenue.

This afforded him the opportunity to travel the world and work across 10 countries, many business and social barriers, facilitating projects, strategies, and software implementations that increased productivity and brought millions of dollars back to the bottom line for shareholders. Yes, he and his teams saved millions, but at what cost?

In 2011 Eric learned some information that shocked him, enough so that he walked away from his career and began talking about YOU…well, the biggest part of you…water! He became obsessed with what he had been taking for granted for decades and now realizes just how big of an impact water quality is having in the USA and the world.

Now part of the NaturalSof Team, he helps new Dealers realize what a wonderful opportunity it is to add NaturalSof to their business!

Want to talk to Eric now? Here's how:
Cell: 908.797.2147

NaturalSof Team Member Eric Kneller
NaturalSof Team Member Eric Kneller

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