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Fishers, IN

I had NaturalSof installed about 6 months ago. It works wonderfully. The water quality where we live is horrible, very hard. I never had a water softener. As a result of not having one we would get the orange hard water stains in the showers and toilets and faucets would get calcium build up. Lastly, we would get small calcium deposits in our coffee maker as well. Since having NaturalSof installed there is a notable difference, we are not seeing those stains, the build up is disappearing, and no more calcium deposits in our coffee maker. I 100% recommend NaturalSof. Oh and BTW...I don't mess with buying salt and dumping into the softener.

Crescent Valley, NV

I’ve been using my NaturalSof for about a year now. No more white spots around my sinks and showers. I gave one to a friend for a trial because his insta-hot water heater would scale up so bad that every 6 months he would have to take it apart and clean it out. For more than a year his water heater has not been clogging up anymore. It works well in our area with our type of water.

Chula Vista, CA

We love our new addition to our home!!
Thank you

Edwardsville, KS

We went looking for salt. There were no other 'soft' water choices. WRONG!
We were HIGHLY skeptical, but hearing testimony from an actual user who also did not enjoy chemicals in his water put us at ease.
Small device. BIg rewards!
Very happy with our decision! AND have passed on the NaturalSof name to several others!
Thank you!!!

Springville, CA

Worked awesome. No spots.

Alpine, CA

I have been installing Natural Sof products for quite a few years with so much success, that the owners of the company that I represent have installled them in their homes. I installed a Natural Sof nipple in my own home finally about a year ago, and i sure do like that i don't have to clean/scrub my shower glass anymore. The results and local rep is making it easy to move this product, and with the water quality in San Diego it makes it a no brainer...

Las Vegas, NV

One might not think that this small unit would be as effective as it is. The unit is absolutely outstanding and makes a night and day difference in better water quality and the elimination of any signs of hard water. I have lived in various areas of the U.S. and Southern Nevada has some of the hardest water anywhere. With the Naturalsof unit you would not know that we have hard water here. What an incredible difference plus you just put it in and don't worry about problems that other systems have such as salt fills, etc. Just an absolutely outstanding product!!

Nixa, MO

We had a home built in Nixa, MO about 2.5 years ago. About 6 months after living there we had calcium deposits on all of our faucets, shower heads and popping around in our water heater. The only way to combat this was to keep cleaning the faucets, shower heads and draining the water heater. My husband and I had talked about getting a water softener but was not sure we could justify the expense and upkeep of one.
Then I saw a presentation on the NaturalSof unit. Went home talked it over with my husband and we had someone install it as soon as we could. After it was installed we cleaned all the calcium off of the fixtures and drained the water heater. It has been about 4 to 5 months now and I see no signs of calcium so far. We also installed the NaturalSof due to myself having really bad skin dryness and allergies. Since installing the unit my skin is not as dry or irritated.
It has been a great investment and we recommend installing one to everyone we know around us, especially since the whole county we live in has incredibly hard water.
So make the phone call to a local plumber today and make the switch. It was easy to install and there is no major upkeep or expense like you would have with a softener.

Bloomington, IL

Works better than I thought it would. I would recommend it to everyone

Pleasant Hill, MO

NaturalSof system is best item for the price. Skeptical prior to use as you can’t see the unit working immediately after install. But given time nothing has been better for the use. No space for a softener and don’t love then”soft” water feeling. Same effect of treating the hard water and biggest bonus is the maintenance-free aspect.

Columbus, OH

I had sold a few Scaletron* products and decided to put one in my house. I'd replaced a couple of showerheads because of scale issues and haven't had any problems since. I think it's a great product and highly recommend it.

*Scaletron is the International name from the Head Office in the U.K.

Edwardsville, KS

I bought the NaturalSof 6L that conditions and filters. I instantly noticed a difference in how fresh my water smells in the shower! The chlorine filters I used to use on my shower faucet never made it smell this clean. It feels slightly softer too, without the slimy feel and salty taste of water softening. I have such great piece of mind knowing that I can turn on any tap in the house and know that the toxins have been removed yet the healthy minerals remain.

San Diego, CA

I found the NaturalSof products several years ago when searching for a better solution for my customers. Everyone I asked about it in the Plumbing trades was skeptical, but they never tried it. I got one that was bigger than I needed (thinking bigger was better right?) and it didn't work for me. I didn't give up, but got in touch with the company and learned that I had OVER sized the unit for my home. Simple solution...follow manufacturer recommendations!

Once I swapped it our for the correct size, it worked like a charm. I have seen some pretty amazing applications in VERY hard water. What I like most is that it's maintenance free.

I recommend the product to friends and customers all the time and just let them know that it has a long history of over 40 years in over 40 countries and a great track record. At the end of the day they have a full year with a money back guarantee if not there's ZERO risk.

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