Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Product Demonstration of Housetron

Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Product Demonstration of Housetron


Unlike most sales processes, ours typically consists of several "down-sells."  Why?  Simply because the size of our scale prevention units is based on the actual flow in gallons per minute (GPM) rather than on line size.

Most homes and businesses have water mains that would allow enough volume to run just about every water fixture and appliance in the building at once.  Ask yourself this simple question, "How often does that actually happen?"
(believe you know the answer to that already!)


The following charts out the optimum flow rates for some of our sizes.  I say some, because units can be sized for virtually any application.  There are none too large or too small!

We will be specifying the smallest unit for an application that will not inhibit the performance of the equipment or property via pressure drops or flow loss.  In other words...it will work...guaranteed!


Go with the flow!


In the month of April this year I set up a booth at 3 business specific Expos and 1 wholesaler customer event.  I wanted to have a demonstration to show exactly what happens when water runs through our unit to both flow rates and pressure.  See for yourself here:

What I am able to show here is that even with a low pressure submersible pump,  we can send 10 GPM through just a 1/2" unit within a 1" loop AND that the OPEN fixtures in the system will drive the demand.

So just because a hotel has 300 showers does not mean they will all run at once.  The same goes in a home as well.  Even with 3 standard showers and several other fixtures running at once, it is an anomaly to get the water within the home upwards of 10 GPM.  Yes, there are use cases where much more water is demanded, but remember...we have a size for that!


With less than a 1% return rate, our case summaries speak volumes.  Most returns still happen when units are sized too large and that is an easily corrected problem!


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