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Choose "Green" Limescale Prevention over "Salt" Water Softeners throughout the USA!

No Salt. No Power. No Water Waste. No Maintenance.

The healthy, environmentally safe NaturalSof solution prevents scale build up and hard water stains when installed on new systems and gradually removes scale from previously untreated, older systems.

  • No detrimental effect on drinking water unlike “salt-utilizing” conventional water softeners
  • As our innovative NaturalSof technology replaces existing water softeners all the running costs and inconveniences associated with the use of conventional water softeners is eliminated. No more salt carrying, water waste and no more damage to the environment.
  • You can “fit and forget”, as the NaturalSof system is completely maintenance free requiring no chemicals, electricity or salt.
  • With no backwashing required, a continual water supply is assured. Your new NaturalSof water treatment system is compatible with any pipework material, and our expert installation simply replaces the existing section of pipe. We take care of all the installation, and you recieve the benefits of clean, healthy water from day one!

At NaturalSof, we believe that everyone deserves to have clean, quality water. We pride ourselves on being the top resource for all water treatment challenges. Call the experts at NaturalSof today at 855-905-2120 or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch!


NaturalSof 6L

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Win the battle against hard water scale AND protect your family with whole house filtration - ALL IN ONE!

Whole House Water Treatment and Filtration Video

At NaturalSof, We Promise to create a healthier environment for you and your family by providing you with clean, healthy water to drink, wast with and bath in.

Don't just take our word for it:

Chris W.
Fishers, IN
5 Stars
Dec 8th, 2019
I had NaturalSof installed about 6 months ago. It works wonderfully. The water quality where we live is horrible, very hard. I never had a water softener. As a result of not having one we would get the orange hard water stains in the showers and toilets and faucets would get calcium build up. Lastly, we would get small calcium deposits in our coffee maker as well. Since having NaturalSof installed there is a notable difference, we are not seeing those stains, the build up is disappearing, and no more calcium deposits in our coffee maker. I 100% recommend NaturalSof. Oh and BTW...I don't mess with buying salt and dumping into the softener.
Cosmin H.
Crescent Valley, NV
5 Stars
Nov 29th, 2019
I’ve been using my NaturalSof for about a year now. No more white spots around my sinks and showers. I gave one to a friend for a trial because his insta-hot water heater would scale up so bad that every 6 months he would have to take it apart and clean it out. For more than a year his water heater has not been clogging up anymore. It works well in our area with our type of water.
Cesar L.
Chula Vista, CA
5 Stars
Nov 28th, 2019
We love our new addition to our home!!
Thank you
Holly T.
Edwardsville, KS
5 Stars
Nov 12th, 2019
We went looking for salt. There were no other 'soft' water choices. WRONG!
We were HIGHLY skeptical, but hearing testimony from an actual user who also did not enjoy chemicals in his water put us at ease.
Small device. BIg rewards!
Very happy with our decision! AND have passed on the NaturalSof name to several others!
Thank you!!!
Charlie Q.
Springville, CA
5 Stars
Nov 11th, 2019
Worked awesome. No spots.

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