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San Diego State University SDSU

March 1, 2017 | San Diego, CA

Entire building protection on domestic supply One NaturalSof unit on main supply before booster pump One NaturalSof unit on hot water re-circulation loop on the roof

Las Vegas, NV

NaturalSof catalytic units were installed on the makeup water as well as on the internal loops of large Munters Swamp Coolers. The largest unit is 2" and the small unit on the makeup water is 3/8" Existing scale washed out of the units and 90 days after installation in the heat of the ...

Dayton, OH

A 3/4" catalytic unit was installed on the feed line to the property and a 1” catalytic unit was installed on the recirculating line of their boiler system. The Results The boiler was inspected as part of the customers planned maintenance schedule after one year and the boiler was found to be ...

UC San Diego Park & Market

San Diego, CA

NaturalSof Catalytic Water Treatment Entire building protection on domestic supply at new complex at Park & Market Unit on main cold water supply and hot water re-circulation loops based on pump Gallons per Minute

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