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Introducing the smallest and simplest solution to hard water limescale for your RV. It’s the space saving, no maintenance alternative to portable water softeners you’ve been looking for.

Small and Simple for Your RV

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Connections For City Water


Works on any RV that has garden hose thread connections for its city water inlet. Click below to see an example of the NS-RV installed on a Tiffin Wet Wall.

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NaturalSof RV

Small and Simple for Your RV


We never think simpler when we think about doing better for the Environment but that’s exactly the case with NaturalSof’s NS-RV. No more salt or additives and no maintenance means you focus on enjoying the RV Life. Space-savings and simplicity is what you get with NS-RV.

Rv Wet Bay With Ns-rv Installed

Rv Wet Bay With NS-RV Installed

The NS-RV is so easy to install on any Recreational Vehicle (RV). Simply attach the NS-RV to your RV at the female connection for potable/city water, typically in the utility panel. Installation is possible even on older RV models without an elaborate utility panel and less space.

NS-RV Saves Space and Time

NS-RV Saves Space And Time

The NS-RV can be left attached to the potable water connection saving you 100% of the space needed to store and transport a portable water softener and salt. And it fits in the palm of your hand.

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