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Spotlight: Reduce Costs of Maintenance

Real estate investment and rental properties are a super strategy that is employed by thousands of people to provide some passive income and build up personal (or business) equity. Most of us have played the game, Monopoly, at some point in our lives and

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Is my Well Water Safe?

Usually when we talk with people about water treatment and filtration there is someone in the room that has lived with or has had a family member that has lived with well water on their property. For some it brings back childhood memories of crisp-cool r

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How Much Water Do I REALLY Use Inside My Home?

My home uses a lot of water and I need the 1 ½” water main (or whatever size you have - 3/4

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How does a Water Softener Work?

Water softeners use what is known as ion exchange. This is a fairly common process used in a variety of industries such as: food & beverage, metals finishing, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, sugar & sweeteners, nuclear, semiconductor, and powe

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The idea of an endless supply of

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