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Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Product Demonstration of Housetron

Unlike most sales processes, ours typically consists of several

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How does a Water Softener Work?

Water softeners use what is known as ion exchange. This is a fairly common process used in a variety of industries such as: food & beverage, metals finishing, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, sugar & sweeteners, nuclear, semiconductor, and powe

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Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Super 7 Evansville

Our customers expect that their hard water problems will be alleviated (and that if they got one of the combination units with filtration like the Super 7) that their water quality will be improved for drinking and cooking. However, many times they are s

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Dishwashers provide a particularly harsh environment for hard water. One of the main causes that scale forms in hard water areas is the heating of the water. Since mscalewine.jpgost machines will take 100% hot water and even boost the temperature all th

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Where is the Hard Water in the USA?

This standard water hardness

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Where does Hard Water cause Problems in Hospitals?

Is Hard Water

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Happy Birthday America!  What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Thought I might look up some interesting facts about the history of July 4 in celebration of this year's Independence Day. So my exact Google search was

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Fluid Dynamics Review And Testimonial: Housetron In Idaho

Lori in Boise was! Not only is that tedious, but I am pretty sure there is an element of danger involved?? The scale was so hard around her faucets and fixtures that she invested the extra time (and risk) to use razor blades to scrape it off.

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Why are there White Spots on my Car?

Perhaps you find it relaxing and even somewhat therapeutic to wash your car on a nice, sunny day. It can even be a fun family or couples activity that has played out thousands of times in television and cinematic productions since the early

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What does Hard Water do to my Water Heater Tank?

Hot water is a luxury that most of us do not want to live without. It has really become more of a necessity for daily comfort. Yet it mostly sits in a tank in our garage or basement waiting for us to utilize it for bathing or the washing of clothes or d

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What are my Best Options to Treat and Filter My Whole Home's Water?

It all comes down to personal preference and what level of water quality you are trying to accomplish based on just a few factors. Here are three to consider:

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Fluid Dynamics Review And Testimonial: Housetron In The High Desert Of Southern California

Maybe you have had to soak your coffee pot in vinegar and even run some through the coffee maker to get the water flowing again? That's what Patty used to experience month after month in Helendale / Sliver Lakes, CA. Not after she installed the Housetro

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